DC Power Switch
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  • £27.00

The Camtraptions DC Power Switch is a simple and easy-to-use controller for automatically turning lights on and off in a video camera trap setup. The cable will switch the lights on when video recording starts and it will automatically turn them off again when the recording ends, saving battery and allowing the video camera trap system to last for much longer in the field.

The cable is fully compatible with Camtraptions sensors, wireless triggers and wired shutter release cables, for automatically synchronising LED lighting panels (such as the Camtraptions LED Video Light) with a camera’s video recording function.

How does it work?

The DC Power Switch has a 2.5mm jack that is designed to plug in to Camtraptions equipment or any remote release with a Canon E3-type female socket.

The female DC power input socket accepts a wide input voltage range of 6V to 15V. The battery voltage must be chosen to match the light, as the DC Power Switch simply closes the circuit between the power source and the light and does not regulate the supply voltage.

The male DC power output jack can either be connected directly into a compatible device or passed through a DC/NP-F coupler to run the power into many different LED video lighting panels that are powered by NP-F type batteries.

The switch has three operating modes, “1”, “2” and “H”, which can be set using the slider.

Mode 1: When a press signal is detected, the switch turns ON for 15 seconds then automatically turns OFF again. The ON time is extended by a further 15 seconds every time an additional press is detected.

Mode 2: First press turns the switch ON, second press turns the switch OFF.

Mode H: The switch is ON while the press signal is held.

Product Compatibility

  • The DC Power Switch can be used with lights that are capable of being turned on and off repeatedly, simply by connecting and disconnecting power. The light should not require any additional button presses to turn it on each time power is reconnected by the switch. The DC Power Switch is fully compatible with the Camtraptions LED Video Light.
  • The DC Power Switch is fully compatible with the Camtraptions v3 PIR Sensor, Wireless Triggers v2 and NP-F Adapter Plate for creating a wireless camera trap lighting system.
  • The DC Power Switch is also compatible with the Camtraptions v2 PIR Sensor for creating a wired system.
  • The DC Power Switch can be used with any standard remote release featuring a Canon E3-type (2.5mm) female socket.
  • The DC Power Switch can be fully integrated with the Waterproof Cable System via the Female Waterproof Enclosure Entry Cable and a 3.5mm to 2.5mm Adapter.
  • The DC Power Switch cannot be used with cameras that need half-press signals to start/stop video, for example older Canon cameras that require magic lantern firmware.


  • Input voltage through DC socket: 6V to 15V
  • Power rating: <35W
  • Weight: 27g