NP-F Dummy Battery DC Coupler
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  • £12.00

This NP-F Dummy Battery DC Coupler allows external power to be run into any NP-F-powered LED lighting panel.

Not only does this make it possible to use higher capacity power sources to create a longer-lasting video camera trap, but it also enables many different compatible LED video lights to be switched on and off automatically as part of a video camera trap system, when connected to a matching external power source via the Camtraptions DC Power Switch.

The NP-F Dummy Battery DC Coupler is also available as part of the NP-F Lighting Kit.

Note: For an LED light panel to be used as part of a camera trap system, it must be capable of being turned on and off repeatedly, simply by connecting and disconnecting external power. The light should not require any additional button presses to turn it on each time power is reconnected by the switch.