LED Light Panel Kit for Video Camera Traps
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  • £95.00

This LED Light Panel Kit makes it easier than ever to set up an automated remote or video camera trap lighting system.

The kit consists of a Camtraptions LED Video Light an NP-F battery adapter, a Camtraptions DC Power Switch and an NP-F dummy battery. When a signal is received by the DC Power Switch, the power is automatically passed from a high-capacity NP-F Battery into the LED panel, switching the light on. At the end of the video recording duration, the switch automatically disconnects the power between the battery and the LED panel, switching the light off again to conserve energy.

The system can be triggered by Camtraptions PIR Sensors, Camtraptions Wireless Triggers and many other standard camera remotes and third-party trigger systems featuring an E3-type socket. When triggered by a Camtraptions PIR Sensor in a video camera trap setup, the LED Video Light will automatically turn on and off in-sync with the camera’s video recording, thereby creating a power-efficient lighting system that is perfect for night-time video camera trapping.

With the v3 Wireless PIR Sensor's day versus night modes, it is even possible for the PIR sensor to automatically disable the lighting system during the day (if natural ambient lighting is preferred) and enable it again when it gets dark.

Click here to see how the LED Light Panel Kit can be used as part of a wireless 4K video camera trap.

What’s Included?

1x Camtraptions LED Video LightWith its slim profile and tough construction, the Camtraptions LED Video Light is perfect for video camera trap lighting systems. The panel's 176 LED beads emit a total of 1290 lumens, with a CRI rating of 95+ for excellent colour rendition.

1x NP-F Battery Adapter Plate. The NP-F Adapter Plate can hold lithium NP-F type batteries (purchased separately) which are commonly available, inexpensive and available in large capacities up to around 8,800mAh.

1x Camtraptions DC Power Switch. This innovative cable with an integrated controller allows an LED video light panel to be turned on and off, either manually using a handheld remote release or automatically with a sensor as part of an automatic night time video camera trap.

1x DC to NP-F Coupler (dummy battery). This allows the power to be easily run into the LED Video Light Panel.

Note: The Camtraptions Receiver and the NP-F battery are not included in this kit and must be purchased separately. A Wireless Trigger Voltage Regulator cable can also be purchase if you would like the NP-F battery to power the Receiver.

Product Compatibility

  • This system is compatible with NP-F type lithium batteries.
  • The system can be triggered by Camtraptions PIR Sensors, Camtraptions Wireless Triggers and many other standard camera remotes and trigger systems featuring an E3-type socket.
  • This lighting kit can be used together with the Waterproof Cable System for creating video camera traps with convenient centralised batteries.
  • This lighting kit cannot be used with cameras that need half-press signals to start/stop video, for example older Canon cameras that require the Magic Lantern firmware.