Metal Camera Housing Cage
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  • £150.00

The Metal Camera Housing Cage is a steel external enclosure designed to fit securely around the Camtraptions Camera Housing, in order to provide both ultimate physical protection and complete weather-sealing for your valuable camera gear.

The Metal Camera Housing Cage can be purchased as the main body only or with the lens shield included.

The Metal Camera Housing Cage can also be bought together with the Camera Housing as a discounted bundle on this page.

Key Features

  • The modular construction of the Metal Camera Housing Cage means that it can be used in different ways according to your needs. For example:
    • Just the front section can be used to significantly enhance the mounting strength and support of the Camera Housing, particularly when combined with a Tree Pod and Support Brace.
    • The front and back sections can be used together to prevent tampering of the camera, to protect the camera body from physical damage and to keep it locked to a fixed object.
    • The front and back sections can be used together with the metal lens shield system, to surround and provide physical protection to both the camera and lens.
  • Two sizes of padlock hole (11mm diameter or 7mm diameter) allow you to use two heavy-duty or two smaller outdoor padlocks to secure the front and back sections together, locking the camera safely inside. Cable locks can also be used to secure the cage to a fixed object.
  • There are 88 mounting points on the surface of the cage to attach auxiliary equipment such as camera trap sensors, flashes or solar panels. Each supporting ring on the lens shield system also has 2 mounting points, for attaching equipment near the front of the lens.
  • All hole spacings on the main body and lens shield rings are 40mm, so that Jungle Mount tubes and other Jungle Mount components can be firmly bolted to the cage in countless positions.
  • The front and back sections can be fastened together using three user-friendly wing nuts, or with three locking nuts to help prevent tampering.
  • 4x 26mm diameter circular holes on the bottom of the cage allow waterproof cables to be run into the bottom of the Camera Housing. Waterproof cables can be used to bring in external power or transfer trigger signals into or out of the Camera Housing while it is inside the Metal Cage.
  • 2x 40mm and 4x 30mm slits on the back section allow the cage to mounted onto a fixed object using ratchet straps.
  • The Metal Camera Housing Cage is compatible with the Jungle Mounts Support Brace and Tree Pod for building an extremely solid tree mounting platform.
  • All of the fixings are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and the steel cage itself is powder coated to prevent rust.
  • Spare fixings are provided.

If using an Arca-Swiss style quick release clamp, a Dual Screw Quick Release Plate (sold separately) is recommended for securing the Camera Housing and Metal Camera Housing Cage together at the bottom.


  • Weight with lens shield assembly: 3.02kg
  • Weight without lens shield assembly: 2.56kg
  • Dimensions of main body when assembled: 305mm (h) x 299mm (w) x 145mm (d)
  • Dimensions of lens shield assembly: 78mm (l) x 150mm (w) x 166mm (h)