Dual Screw Quick Release Plate
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  • £15.00

The Camtraptions Dual Screw Quick Release Plate is for use with our New Camtraptions Camera Housing.

The dual screws line up with the two sockets on the bottom or side of the Camera Housing and provide a secure mounting to any standard Arca-Swiss type clamp. The double screws make it harder to twist the housing once the composition has been set.

Key Features

  • The aluminium construction means the quick release plate is both strong and light-weight (only 55g)
  • Compatible with any Arca-Swiss type mounting system
  • The dual screw mechanism ensures strong and stable mounting of our New Camera Housing
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 38.5mm

Product Compatibility

This Dual Quick Release Plate is designed for use with our New Camera Housing and with our Metal Housing. The Dual Quick Release Plate is also compatible with Jungle Mounts TripodsTree Pods and Combo Kits.