Jungle Mounts Combo Kit
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Introducing Jungle Mounts, a flexible, modular, strong and secure method of mounting equipment for long-term deployments.

The Jungle Mounts system is a new and unique way of setting up an extremely strong and stable platform for mounting your camera trap equipment. Camtraptions Jungle Mounts can be used to mount your gear on the ground using the Tripod configuration, or on trees using the Tree Pod configuration.

This combination kit gives you all of the parts to set up a Jungle Mounts Tripod or Tree Pod.

What's Included?

  • The kit includes three legs and all the parts to make either a Jungle Mounts Tripod or Tree Pod (not both at the same time). The kit comes pre-assembled in the Tripod configuration.
  • Hex key for adjusting the Tripod and Tree Pod positions
  • Two 2m ratchet straps for securing the Tree Pod
  • Optional: Arca-Swiss style aluminium quick release clamp (compatible with our Camera Housing plates) and 40mm square quick release plate with standard ¼ inch screw
  • Not included: camera, protective camera housing


The Jungle Mounts Arm Extension Kit can be used to mount a PIR Sensor, flash or other accessory to the Jungle Mount legs.

400mm Leg Extensions increase the height of the Tripod or Tree Pod’s legs by up to 320mm

Want more information on how Jungle Mounts can be configured or customised? Please get in touch.

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