Camera Housing
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  • £160.00

Now available to purchase with the brand new Stacking Tube System included! The Stacking Tube System covers all original tube sizes from 25mm up to 115mm (or up to 190mm with the Tube Extension Kit), in one flexible and innovative design.

Additional 100mm, 125mm and 150mm fixed-length aluminium tubes are still available to purchase here.

Our weather-sealed camera housing protects your camera in a remote, camera trap or time lapse set-up. The housing has been designed to fit a wide range of camera and lens combinations while providing quick and convenient access to the camera.

Key Features

Here are some headline features of the weather-sealed camera housings:

  • Strong moulded plastic enclosure with weather-proof seals completely protects your camera from rain and humidity.
  • The innovative Stacking Tube System allows you to easily use lenses of different lengths, without sacrificing weatherproofing.
  • Camera can be easily accessed via a back door secured with two quick-release catches. Catches can be locked with cable ties or a padlock if desired.
  • Camera batteries and memory cards can be accessed and camera settings adjusted quickly by sliding the camera base plate out of the housing.
  • Dual tripod sockets on the bottom and side of the housing allow you to mount the camera in landscape or portrait orientation. Dual tripod screw sockets can be used to stop the housing from twisting after you have perfected your composition.
  • A large peak shades the front of the lens from sun and rain and can be adjusted up and down to ensure it remains out of frame.
  • A high-quality glass window protects your lens without compromising image quality (spare windows can be found here and heated windows are also available, which are compatible with the Camtraptions Lens Heater). A lens cap is provided to protect the window during transportation.
  • The housing fits any size of compact, mirrorless or DSLR camera up to the size of a Canon 1D X or Nikon D5 with a Camtraptions wireless transmitter fitted in the hot shoe.
  • The housing weighs just 2.2kg.
  • The Camera Housing can be used equally well for both wireless and wired camera traps. For fully-sealed wired systems, the housing can be purchased with pre-drilled holes in the bottom, compatible with the Waterproof Cable System. Alternatively, recesses in the back door provide convenient locations for holes to be drilled.
  • The housing is fully compatible with the Metal Camera Housing Cage, for the ultimate combination of weather-sealing and physical protection. The two can also be purchased together as a discounted bundle here.

Lens Tubes

The Camera Housing now ships with the Stacking Tube System included, which can be adjusted to fit different length lenses. Lenses must have a diameter of 88.8mm or less to fit inside the lens tube system. Fixed-length aluminium tubes can still be purchased here.

To find the correct lens tube size, measure the distance from the front of your lens to the furthest forward part of the camera (usually the front of the wireless transmitter fitted to the camera’s hotshoe). Pick a lens tube based on your measurement:

  • Stacking Tube System (included automatically when you purchase a camera housing) for lengths up to 140mm
  • Stacking Tube System (included automatically when you purchase a camera housing) + Tube Extension Kit for lengths up to 215mm
  • 100mm aluminium tube for lengths of 100mm to 125mm
  • 125mm aluminium tube for lengths of 125mm to 150mm
  • 150mm aluminium tube for lengths of 150mm to 175mm


Click here for illustrated examples of the tube length measurement.


The fixed-length aluminium lens tubes can be ordered separately here.

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