Z2 Camera Trap Zoom Flash
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Introducing the new Z2 Camera Trap Zoom Flash - the ultimate flash for camera trap photography.

The Z2 Camera Trap Flash combines the best features of its Z1 predecessor with the power efficiency of our F1 flash. The flash incorporates a 24-105mm zoomable head, an LCD display and robust construction.

The Z2 Camera Trap Flash has also been further optimised for use in solar powered flash systems, resulting in an even more reliable, hassle-free solution for camera trap flash set-ups with limitless standby time.

A full overview of the Camtraptions flash system and a comparison between the Z2, Z1 and F1 Flashes can be found here.

Key Features of the Z2 Camera Trap Zoom Flash

  • The Z2 Camera Trap Flash is always ready to fire instantly after trigger signal is received. This behaviour results in better reliability and fewer photos spoiled by failed lighting.
  • The Z2 Camera Trap Flash does not require a separate ‘wake’ signal before the ‘shoot’ signal, giving it maximum compatibility with all of the main still camera systems on the market. The Z2 Camera Trap Flash works with any camera that has a standard flash hot shoe mount or PC sync flash output.
  • It is possible to trigger any number of Z2 Flashes using flash splitters, flash cables and a Hot Shoe Adapter. The Z2 can also be fired using Camtraptions Wireless Triggers or through the Waterproof Cable System.
  • An external power socket has been included on the side of the flash, allowing the battery life to be easily extended by plugging in any 6V power source through our Flash Power Cable or Waterproof Cable System.
  • The Camtraptions Z2 Camera Trap Flash lasts 5 days when powered by Ni-MH AA rechargeable batteries, 7 days with alkaline AA batteries and 10 days with lithium AA batteries. This can be extended to over 12 days with our  5Ah Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery or over 24 days using the 10Ah Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery.
  • The standby time of the flash can be limitless when connected to a Camtraptions Solar Panel.
  • The Z2 Camera Trap Flash features a robust construction with a metal hot-shoe mount and a simple user-interface.
  • Noise has been minimised: after the flash zoom has been set, it will not buzz again during operation and the capacitor does not whine while charging.
  • The flash features the same rotating and tilting flash head as a standard speedlight flash along with a built-in wide diffuser and a reflector panel to create catch lights in animals' eyes.
  • The zoomable flash head ranges from 24mm to 105mm, giving flexibility over the distance between the flash and subject, as well as opening up more artistic lighting possibilities. By zooming the head to 105mm, you can place the flash further away from the subject.
  • The Z2 Camera Trap Flash features a built-in thermal protection function which is activated if too many high-powered flashes are triggered in a short space of time. When thermal protection is active, the rate of fire is reduced.

Product Compatibility

*High-voltage external battery packs for Canon flashes (designed to increase recycle time) sold by other companies are not compatible with Camtraptions Camera Trap Flashes.

*The flash is not directly compatible with cameras that don’t have a central 'X' contact in the hot shoe. This includes the following entry-level Canon cameras: 1500D/2000D/Rebel T7/Kiss X90, 3000D/4000D/Rebel T100 and the 250D/Rebel SL3/Kiss X10


  • Flash brightness is set manually (this is not a TTL flash)
  • Manual flash power from 1/1 to 1/128
  • Guide number of 38
  • Powered by 4x internal AA batteries
  • 6V DC external power input socket
  • 3.5mm flash sync trigger socket
  • Integrated wide diffuser and reflector
  • Multi flash strobe mode
  • Built-in thermal protection function
  • Dimensions: 197mm (l) x 78mm (w) x 56mm (h)
  • Weight (excluding batteries): 340g