Flash Power Cable
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The Camtraptions Flash Power Cable has been designed to safely and efficiently deliver external power to Camtraptions Camera Trap Flashes.

External battery packs are capable of delivering higher amounts of electrical current than common AA-size batteries, and the Camtraptions Flash Power Cable regulates this current to the correct level required by the Camera Trap Flash.

The Flash Power Cable also contains an automatic cut-out system, which protects your flash unit in the event that too many high-power flash bursts are triggered in a short space of time. The cut-out system only reinstates power to the flash after a suitable time period has passed, giving the flash time to cool down before automatically resuming normal functionality again. This is particularly useful in the event that a connection short-circuit or equipment malfunction leads to uncontrolled triggering of the flashes.

This cut-out system will usually only activate if a high power setting is selected on the flash and it is triggered multiple times in a short period of time. When the flash is set to a low power setting then the cut-out system is unlikely to ever interrupt the power supply to the flash.

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