Video Light Switch
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Product discontinued. This item is now superseded by the DC Power Switch and USB Switch.

The Camtraptions Video Light Switch opens up many possibilities when it comes to using artificial lighting with a video camera trap.

The purpose of the Camtraptions Video Light Switch is to automatically turn a constant light source on and off in a video camera trap set-up; it will turn one or more lights on when video recording starts and it will automatically turn them off again when the recording ends.

Please note that only the switch circuit is supplied, not the lights, batteries, cables or wireless triggers.

Product compatibility

The Video Light Switch has been designed to be compatible with a wide variety of different lights and power sources. It can accept an input voltage of between 5 and 18 volts, and it can control lights with a power rating of up to 30 watts. The battery voltage must be chosen to match the light, as the Video Light Switch simply closes the circuit between the power source and light and does nothing to regulate the supply voltage. For example, you could power a 12V spotlight with a 12V car battery or a 9V LED light panel with six 1.5V AA batteries.

The Camtraptions Video Light Switch has input terminals that connect to the power source, output terminals that connect to the light and a cable socket, which accepts the control signal from a Camtraptions PIR Sensor or Wireless Receiver. To connect a sensor to a camera and a Video Light Switch at the same time, you should use our wireless triggers with separate receivers for the camera and light switch.

Demo video

You can find out more about the Camtraptions Video Light Switch by watching this video: