Camera Housing with Heated Window
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  • £186.00

This special offer provides a significant saving on the combination of our popular camera housing and new lens heater system.

The Camera Housing with Heated Window and Controller is the perfect all-in-one protective housing solution for cold and damp environments. The Camera Housing provides a sealed enclosure to protect your valuable equipment from the elements, while the automatic heating controller can warm up the housing’s optical glass window during a pre-set time window each day, to keep it clear from fogging and condensation.

What’s Included?

The kit consists of the following products:

  1. Camtraptions Camera Housing: Our popular Camtraptions Camera Housing is trusted by photographers worldwide to protect their cameras from damp, rain, snow and physical knocks.
  2. Heated Camera Housing Window: This window features our optical-grade glass with a wide transmission range, high impact resistance and low dispersion qualities. The wafer-thin heating film (0.2mm) is permanently bonded to the glass surface, which ensures maximum-efficiency heat transfer directly onto the surface where it matters most – in front of the camera lens. The Heated Window is available in your choice of either High Efficiency or High Power type. Note that the heated window is provided instead of the regular window which can be purchased separately here.
  3. Camtraptions Lens Heater: The Lens Heater has a programmable heating controller unit, specifically designed for the power-efficiency demands of camera trapping. It operates on a 24-hour loop, so the device can be left running unattended for many days or weeks at a time. The controller can be set to provide heating during a time window when condensation is more likely to form (e.g. during the night), and turn off the heating automatically when dew formation is less likely (e.g. during the day) to conserve power.
  4. Your choice of Power Source:
    1. NP-F Battery Adapter (note that the lithium NP-F battery itself not included): NP-F batteries are a popular choice for powering photographic equipment because of their low-cost, wide availability and high capacities (up to around 8,800mAh). A large NP-F Battery can keep the heating system running for up to around 20 days with typical usage (see battery life data below for details). The NP-F Battery can also be used to supply power to the camera at the same time using a dummy battery.
    2. Camtraptions 6V 10Ah Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery: This high capacity rechargeable battery can keep the heating system running for up to around 18 days on average (see battery life data below for details). A 4-way splitter cable is included which allows for the connection of a Wireless Trigger Voltage Regulator cable (not included) for powering a Wireless Receiver or Transmitter (or both at the same time when combined with a Wireless Trigger Splitter Power Cable). A Camtraptions Ni-MH Compact Battery Charger should be purchased separately to recharge the battery after usage.
    3. No Battery: The Lens Heater controller that comes with this kit can accept power from many different battery types, ranging from 6V to 18V, and so you may already own a compatible battery that you would like to use to power the Camera Housing with Heated Window system.

Additional Equipment:

The following items are also recommended to help complete your system:

Battery Life Data

The following tables show the approximate number of days of battery life that can be obtained with different power sources. Calculations have been made assuming that the system is heating for 5 hours per day.

Note that “Heating Level” is set by the heating controller while the option of “High Power” or “High Efficiency” is determined by your choice of “Heater Type” above.

6V 10Ah Battery:

Heating Level:
High Power Heated Window 9.5 days 6.7 days 4.5 days
High Efficiency Heated Window 18.2 days 12.5 days 8.7 days


7.4V 8.8Ah NP-F Battery:

Heating Level:
High Power Heated Window 9.8 days 7.0 days 4.9 days
High Efficiency Heated Window 19.6 days 13.5 days 9.3 days


12V 20Ah Battery:

Heating Level:
High Power Heated Window 33.3 days 25.0 days 17.4 days
High Efficiency Heated Window 66.7 days 44.4 days 33.3 days