NP-F Battery Adapter Plate
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  • £21.00

NP-F lithium ion batteries are a popular choice for powering photographic equipment because of their low-cost, wide availability and high capacities (up to around 8,800mAh).

This NP-F battery mounting plate can be used to plug an NP-F battery* into the following equipment to significantly extend the battery life:

Although the NP-F Battery Adapter Plate is already included within a number of Camtraptions kits, it is also available to purchase separately on this page so that it can be used with existing equipment that you own, or paired with Camtraptions power controllers (the USB Switch and DC Power Switch) for custom applications.

Key Features

  • The NP-F Adapter Plate features a locking mechanism to securely hold the NP-F battery in place.
  • No LED status light is included, which increases the power efficiency compared to other mounting plates.
  • Power output is available through either a female DC socket or a male DC connector, depending on what the equipment requires.

*The NP-F battery itself is not included and must be purchased elsewhere.