Flash Cables
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Camtraptions Flash Cables can be used to create a physical, wired connection between a camera and a flash. The cables are available in 0.3m (30cm), 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m and 10m lengths, giving plenty of flexibility over the placement of the flashes in a camera trap setup.

The Flash Cables are connected to the camera via a Flash Hot Shoe Adapter, and they can simply be plugged into the side of a Camtraptions Camera Trap Flash (or any other flash featuring a 3.5mm sync socket). The slimline right-angle jack does not interfere with the Flash Power Cable for external flash batteries.

Flash Splitter Cables are also available for firing multiple off-camera flashes.

These cables do not carry a wake signal, only a flash shoot signal. For this reason they are best used with flashes that do not go into sleep mode such as the Camtraptions flashes or where sleep mode has been disabled.

These Flash Cables also enable the Camtraptions Trail Camera to fire Camtraptions Camera Trap Flashes when they are connected via a Trail Camera Speedlight Flash Adapter.

The short 0.3m (30cm) Flash Cable is particularly useful for transferring signals into and out of the Waterproof Cable System.