Wireless Receiver v1
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  • £20.00

These receivers are for use with the Camtraptions Wireless Transmitter v1 and the Camtraptions Wireless PIR Motion Sensor v3.

    Multiple receiver units can be used to fire several remote cameras or off-camera flashes using a single Transmitter v1 or PIR Sensor v3.

    Please note that the new Wireless Triggers v2 can now be pre-ordered here. The main difference between the v1 and v2 triggers is that the v2 triggers have 15 channels versus 7 channels on the v1 triggers. The v2 and v1 triggers are compatible with each other.

    As standard, each receiver takes two AAA batteries. This gives a standby time of around 200 hours.

    External Battery Modification

    It is also possible to modify these receivers so that they are powered by two AA batteries or two D Cell batteries, for a standby time of more than two weeks or two months respectively. Please note that the maximum supply voltage cannot be greater than 3.3 volts. These external battery modification kits can be purchased here. You can find out how to perform the external battery modification in this video: Wireless Trigger Power Modification

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