Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery for Wireless Triggers
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  • £31.00

This 10,000mAh capacity Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack is designed to provide external power to Camtraptions Wireless Triggers. On a full charge, the battery pack will provide the Wireless Triggers with around 12 weeks of standby time.

The snap fit connector design makes it quick and easy to switch your batteries whilst in the field. The battery pack can be charged in-between deployments using the Camtraptions Ni-MH Compact Charger.

This battery pack can be purchased with either a single cable or a splitter cable:

  • The single cable option can be used to connect the battery pack to a single Transmitter v2 or Receiver v2.
  • The splitter cable option allows you to power both a Transmitter v2 and a Receiver v2 at the same time using a single battery pack. This is intended for when you need a wireless receiver to pick up the signal from a wireless sensor and trigger the camera, plus a wireless transmitter in the camera's hot shoe for triggering flashes.

Each kit contains: 1x Battery Pack, 1x Power Cable (either the single or splitter type), 1x Snap fit to Tamiya Connector Charging Cable

This battery pack can only be charged using the Camtraptions Ni-MH Compact Charger.


Battery weight: 0.35kg

Battery dimensions: 72mm (l) x 69mm (w) x 34mm (h)

Voltage: 2.4V

Capacity: 10,000mAh

Battery chemistry: Ni-MH

* A Camtraptions Ni-MH Compact Charger must be purchased separately to use this product.

* Wireless Triggers shown in the product images are not included and must be purchased separately.

* This battery pack is not compatible with the Wireless Triggers v1.