Pre-drilled Camera Housing Holes
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  • £10.00

When you order a Camtraptions Camera Housing, it is now possible to receive it with pre-drilled 15.5mm diameter holes in the bottom. These holes are compatible with our Female Waterproof Enclosure Entry Cable and Waterproof Cable Entry Gland for making physical power and signal connections to external batteries or devices.

Each drilled hole comes with a waterproof blanking plug included, so that it can be completely sealed if it is not being used. Female Waterproof Enclosure Entry Cables and Waterproof Cable Entry Glands must be purchased separately.

The positions of the pre-drilled holes are compatible with the hole spacings on the bottom of the Metal Camera Housing Cage.

If multiple Camera Housings need to be modified with pre-drilled holes, then the “Pre-drilled Camera Housing Holes” service should be added to the cart separately for each housing.

By default, the holes will be drilled in the positions shown below. If a different configuration is required, then you should contact us immediately after placing the order to request your desired hole positions.