Waterproof Cable Entry Gland
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These Waterproof Cable Entry Glands allow any standard cable, such as from a solar panel or PIR Sensor, to be run into a Waterproof Battery Enclosure or Camera Housing in a fully sealed manner.

The cable gland is compatible with a 15.5mm or 16mm diameter hole in the enclosure wall.

Any cable with a diameter between 4-8mm will create a full seal with this gland. For some thinner cables, it may be necessary to wind PVC electrical tape around the cable in order to increase the diameter and make an effective seal with the cable gland.

It is possible that some connectors may not fit through the cable gland. In this case, the wire should be spliced so that it can be passed through the cable gland before rejoining it later on. It is recommended that the spliced section is close to the connector so that it can remain protected inside the enclosure.

What is the Waterproof Cable System?

The Camtraptions Waterproof Cable System offers a new way to set up and provide power to camera traps. The cables within this new system contain 5 cores: two high-current power wires and three signal wires. The system can therefore carry trigger signals between devices (such as from a camera to the flashes), as well as provide power to all of these devices from a single set of batteries, stored in an accessible central enclosure. Click here to find out more about the Waterproof Cable System and to see examples of how it can be used.