Solar Panels for Flashes
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Camtraptions Solar Panels unlock the possibility of running your Camera Trap Flashes for extended, or even unlimited*, periods of time. Simply plug the panel into the side of the flash via the Solar Adapter Cable or into the Flash Power Cable (if you are using external batteries), and your batteries will be automatically recharged during the day.

Camtraptions Solar Panels are available in two sizes: a 230mm x 135mm 3W panel and a 160mm x 130mm 1W panel. The 3W panel is the recommended size for locations with weaker sun or less consistent sunny weather and the 1W panel is recommended for areas with more intense and consistent sun such as in the tropics. The 3W panel is also better suited to the Z1 Flash which lacks the stamina modes of the Z2 Flash and F1 Flash.

The 3W and 1W panels both feature mounting plates on the reverse side to attach them to any standard tripod or light stand, plus a 1m power connection cable.

10m Solar Extension Cables are also available for more flexible placement of the panels relative to the flash, and to allow easier access to direct sunlight in shaded environments.

Example Setups

Camtraptions Solar Panels can be used with Camtraptions Flashes in two main configurations.

  1. Compact setup: The 3W or 1W panel can be plugged into a Camtraptions Solar Adapter Cable, which is in turn plugged into the Camtraptions Flash containing four Ni-MH rechargeable AA batteries. The Solar Adapter Cable also incorporates a 3V output jack that can be used to provide power to a Camtraptions Receiver from the batteries inside the flash.
    The solar panel will charge the batteries inside flash during the day. This elegant and compact setup is best suited for locations with fairly consistent sunny weather.
  2. External battery setup: The 3W or 1W panel can be plugged into a Flash Power Cable, which is in turn plugged into the Camtraptions Flash and a 6V Ni-MH Rechargeable Flash Battery. The Camtraptions Wireless Receiver (for triggering the flash) can also be powered by the 6V external battery by connecting it via a 4-way DC Splitter Cable and Wireless Trigger Voltage Regulator cable. The solar panel will charge the external 6V Ni-MH Flash Battery during the day.
    This larger setup should be used in areas with less consistent sunny weather, because the external battery will provide a larger energy reserve to last through long periods of cloudy weather.

For further usage advice, please contact us.

Product Compatibility

  • The Camtraptions Solar Panels must only be used to recharge Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) Rechargeable Batteries.
  • Camtraptions Solar Panels can only be used to recharge batteries that are being used with Camtraptions Flashes.


  • 3W panel weight: 458g
  • 1W panel weight: 334g
  • 3W panel dimensions: 230mm (l) x 135mm (w) x 17mm (h)
  • 1W panel dimensions: 160mm (l) x 130mm (w) x 17mm (h)

*with sufficient sunlight, and limited only by the lifetime and number of charge cycles of the Ni-MH cells. When choosing Ni-MH rechargeable batteries for use with solar panels, we recommend selecting ones that are rated for a higher number of recharge cycles rather than those with the largest overall capacity.