PC Sync 5m Female to Male Extension Cable
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  • £11.00

In a wired camera trap setup, this 5m Female to Male PC Sync Extension Cable can be used to increase the distance between the camera and the flash by an extra 5 metres.

In most cases, this cable needs to be used together with a Male to Male PC Sync Cable (purchased separately) to complete the connection between a camera and a flash.

Multiple 5m PC Sync Female to Male Extension Cables can be connected together to achieve longer overall cable lengths.

What is a PC Sync Cable?

PC Sync is a common system for firing off-camera flashes or strobe lights with a physical / cabled connection. In recent years, wireless triggers have become more popular than PC Sync cables for firing flashes, however, PC Sync cables can be preferable in some situations as they remove the power requirement of the wireless receivers and reduce the total number of batteries needed in the camera trap.

PC Sync connections should be used in camera traps where the flashes remain permanently on and ready to fire immediately, such as with a Camtraptions Camera Trap Flash. This is because the PC Sync cable can only carry a flash 'shoot' signal, and not the preceding 'wake' signal needed to bring a flash out of standby mode.

Most cameras, flashes and hot shoe adapters featuring a PC Sync connection will have the female socket, so a Male to Male PC Sync Cable (purchased separately) is usually required to complete the connection between a camera and a flash.

If your camera or flash does not feature its own PC Sync socket, then a simple PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapter can be used instead to easily create a connection with PC Sync cables.

PC Sync Splitter Cables can also be purchased to increase the number of flashes that can be used in a wired camera trap.