PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapter
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This PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapter can be used to create a wired connection between a camera and a flash.

The PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapter can be used in two main ways:

  • The adapter can be mounted in the camera's hot shoe in order to receive the flash signal and pass this through a cable to the flash.
  • If the flash does not have a PC Sync socket, then the flash can be mounted on top of the adapter in order to receive a 'fire' signal via the contacts on the top of the adapter.

Depending on the camera and flash being used, it might be necessary to use two PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapters for each camera/flash connection, one mounted on the camera and one mounted below the flash with a PC Sync Cable between them .

Key features:

  • The Hot Shoe Adapter features standard hot shoe connections on the top, allowing it to trigger any standard flash set to manual power mode.
  • On the bottom surface the PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapter has a contact for receiving the flash signal from a camera.
  • The adapter has a female PC Sync socket on the side, allowing any PC Sync cable with a male connector to be plugged into the side for sending or receiving flash signals.

Product Compatibility:

  • The PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapter is compatible with Camtraptions Camera Trap Flashes, and many other models of speedlight flash.
  • Can be used together with the Camtraptions 5m PC Sync Cable, or any other PC Sync cable with a male connector at one end.
  • Compatible with a wide range of cameras including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Fuji models.

*The PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapter is not directly compatible with cameras that don’t have a central ‘X’ contact in the hot shoe. This includes the following entry-level Canon cameras: 1500D/2000D/Rebel T7/Kiss X90, 3000D/4000D/Rebel T100 and the 250D/Rebel SL3/Kiss X10