Camera Housing
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  • £150.00

The Camtraptions Camera Housing is a strong metal enclosure for a DSLR camera. It is ideal for protecting your DSLR camera trap or stationary remote-control camera. It can be quickly disassembled and flat-packed for easy transportation and storage.

Key features:
  • Access the camera via a convenient lockable hatch at the back.
  • Shade the lens from sun and rain with the sliding peak.
  • A window is included and can be secured in front of the lens for added protection if required.
  • Housing can be mounted on a tripod.
  • Cutouts allow cables to run out from the back of the housing.
  • Fits cameras up to the size of a Canon 1D X or Nikon D4, with enough room for an off-camera flash cord mounted on top.

Watch this video to see the camera housing being assembled: Protecting your DSLR Camera Trap

Interior dimensions: L: 240mm, W: 205mm, H: 200mm

Dimensions when flat-packed: L: 305mm, W: 225mm, H: 100mm

Weight: 3.7kg

This product is made in Great Britain.