USB Video Light
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  • £7.00

These small but powerful USB Video Lights can be used to build a compact lighting system for your next remote or video camera trap setup.

Each light is capable of outputting an impressive 1320 lumens, easily on a par with many larger and bulkier LED video lighting panels.

The true strength of this lighting system is in the low cost and small size, which makes it easier to deploy multiple lights in your video camera trap. Using more lights helps to create softer and more diffuse lighting effects.

The USB Video Light is available in either neutral or warm tones, selected using the dropdown box.

The USB Video Light is also available to purchase as part of a bundle with the NP-F Adapter Plate and USB Switch, giving you everything you need to create a power-efficient camera trap video light setup. Simply connect a Camtraptions Wireless Receiver and place everything inside a clear watertight container, and you will have a completely self-contained, portable and weatherproof lighting system!

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  • Dimensions: 77mm (l) x 18mm (w) x 9mm (d)
  • Weight: 20g
  • Power consumption: ~3.5W
  • Brightness: 1320lm
  • Colour temperature: ~5,600K (Neutral) / ~3,200K (Warm)