Lens Heater
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The Camtraptions Lens Heater system helps prevent your valuable camera trap images from getting spoilt by condensation, dew formation and fogging.

This is a problem that camera trap photographers and filmmakers can often encounter and the only reliable solution is to warm up the glass surfaces enough to prevent condensation from forming, thereby keeping your images crystal-clear.

How does it work?

The Lens Heater system consists of a programmable heating controller unit and a lens heater strip. It is the only lens heating system available that is designed for the power-efficiency demands of camera trapping.

The heating controller has built-in timer functionality that operates on a 24-hour loop, so the device can be left running unattended for many days or weeks at a time. The controller can be set to provide heating during a time window when condensation is more likely to form (e.g. during the night), and turn off the heating automatically when dew formation is less likely (e.g. during the day) to conserve power. The controller also has three different heating power levels, allowing you to fine-tune the system for the given environment and power source.

When this system is being used with the Camtraptions Camera Housing, it is recommended that you use the Heated Camera Housing Window (purchased separately), for the ultimate power-efficient and focused heating solution.

Product Compatibility

The Lens Heater controller can be used with a wide variety of power sources and input voltages, ranging from 6V up to 18V. Some compatible power sources include Camtraptions 6V Ni-MH Rechargeable Flash Batteries, Camtraptions 9.6V Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries, 7.4V lithium NP-F batteries and 12V lead acid car batteries. Camtraptions Ni-MH battery packs can be connected to the Lens Heater controller via a Tamiya to DC Socket Adapter and a 4-way DC Splitter Cable.

Compatibility with NP-F type batteries means that the Lens Heater system can be powered by the same lithium NP-F battery that powers the camera and Wireless Triggers. The Camera Power Splitter can be helpful for distributing power from the single NP-F Battery to all of these devices around the camera, including the camera itself.


  • Input connector: DC 5.5mm x 2.5mm female socket
  • Output connector: USB Type-A socket
  • Input voltage: 6V - 18V
  • Output voltage: 5V
  • Maximum lens diameter (for heater strip): approximately 110mm

Battery Life Data

The following tables show the approximate number of days of battery life that can be obtained with different power sources. Calculations have been made assuming that the system is heating for 5 hours per day.

6V 10Ah Battery:

Heating Level:
Lens Heater Strip 3.6 days 2.5 days 1.6 days
High Power Heated Window 9.5 days 6.7 days 4.5 days
High Efficiency Heated Window 18.2 days 12.5 days 8.7 days


7.4V 8.8Ah NP-F Battery:

Heating Level:
Lens Heater Strip 3.6 days 2.5 days 1.7 days
High Power Heated Window 9.8 days 7.0 days 4.9 days
High Efficiency Heated Window 19.6 days 13.5 days 9.3 days


12V 20Ah Battery:

Heating Level:
Lens Heater Strip 12.5 days 8.9 days 6.2 days
High Power Heated Window 33.3 days 25.0 days 17.4 days
High Efficiency Heated Window 66.7 days 44.4 days 33.3 days