Flash Parallel Battery Cable
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  • £8.00

The Flash Parallel Battery Cable has two female Tamiya connectors wired in parallel and connected to a single male Tamiya connector.

The purpose of this cable is to connect two identical power sources together to a single Camtraptions Camera Trap Flash via the Flash Power Cable. This reduces the power drained from each battery by approximately half and effectively doubles the standby time of the flash.

For example, two 6V 5Ah batteries can be connected via the Flash Battery Parallel Power Cable and Flash Power Cable into a Camera Trap Flash. This can provide the flash with twice the standby time that a single battery would provide.

It is important to note that the two batteries connected together using this cable must be identical. The two batteries must therefore have:

  • The same voltage, e.g. 6V
  • The same chemistry, e.g. Ni-MH
  • The same capacity, e.g. 5Ah
  • The same approximate age and use
  • The same charge level when connected, e.g. fully charged

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