PIR Motion Sensor (Pre-order)
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Taking high-quality camera trap images with your DSLR camera is now easier than ever with the Camtraptions PIR Motion Sensor. Position the sensor and when an animal moves in front of it, your camera will be triggered.

Now Available to Pre-order!

Our new PIR sensors are almost here! If you are in a rush, you can pre-order our standalone PIR boards. These will ship in approximately 1 week.

You can now also pre-order the PIR Motion Sensor with our new weatherproof enclosure which includes flaps to adjust the sensor's field of view and access to the controls on the front of the device. The sensor can either be mounted on a tripod or strapped to a post. These will ship in April or May.

We will have a limited number of sensors available in the first batch and will be fulfilling pre-orders on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. To secure your place in the queue, you can pre-order sensors now. Please note that your payment will be processed immediately but your items will only ship when the sensors are ready.

PIR Motion Sensor Features

  • Simple to use and reliable. Use the sensor to monitor a wide subject area or use ‘blinkers’ to narrow the field of view for more precise control over the trigger zone.
  • 6 x AA batteries provide around 2 months of standby time. This device works well with either Alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • Adjustable sensitivity helps limit false detections.
  • Includes inbuilt camera controller with new modes that expand creative possibilities.
  • Supports still photography and video shooting with compatible cameras.
  • Triggering options include number of shots fired per event, time delay between shots, adjustable wake delay and exposure time in bulb mode.
  • New luminosity sensor allows you to alter the behaviour of your camera between day and night; shoot all of the time, only at night or only during the day.
  • Compatibility with Camtraptions Wireless Triggers means you can connect the sensor to your camera wirelessly (requires an extra Canon E3 type connecting cable).
  • Front-facing LED indictor helps identify when the batteries need replacing and aids alignment when setting-up the sensor.

Camera Connecting Cables

Remember to purchase a connecting cable for your camera model here. We also recommend getting an extension cable so that you can position the sensor further from your camera.

Batteries and camera connecting cable not included.

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