Sony Video Cable v2
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  • £30.00

The new Camtraptions Sony Video Cable v2 has been redesigned from the ground up to give simpler operation, faster response times, greater reliability and better value!

The cable features an integrated controller for triggering video recordings with Sony Interchangeable Lens Cameras that have the Multi-type connector, including the A9, A7 and A6000 series. It has been designed to work seamlessly with the Camtraptions PIR Sensor, Camtraptions Wireless Triggers and standard wired shutter releases.

Key features

The controller has been designed to be highly portable and lightweight, whilst still offering unique functionality through the two custom modes:

Mode A: The camera will commence a 15 second recording after a full shutter press signal. Any subsequent signals during this recording time (either from a manual shutter press or a signal from a sensor) will extend the recording period by 15 seconds. This mode opens up the possibility of using a multi-sensor camera trap, where multiple v3 PIR Sensors can be linked to a single camera to cover different approach paths.

Mode B: Video recording begins on the first full press of the shutter and it will continue after the shutter button is released. The video recording is subsequently ended on a second full press of the shutter button.

The Camtraptions Sony Video Cable v2 automatically wakes the camera from standby in both modes and will begin a recording immediately after the camera has started up, thereby giving the fastest possible response time.

When the cable is in mode A, the controller automatically sends an auto-power-off command to the camera when the recording finishes. This will place the camera immediately into standby in order to conserve battery life.

Product compatibility

The Sony Video Cable v2 is fully compatible with the following Camtraptions products:

  • The Camtraptions Wireless PIR Sensor v3 is configured to work with both modes A and B on the cable. Furthermore, the controls on the PIR Sensor can be used to set a variety of different recording durations when used together with the Sony Video Cable v2 (in both cable mode A and mode B).
  • Please note that v3 PIR Sensors purchased before 18th January 2021 should be used with the Sony Video Cable v2 in mode B using video programs 4-6 on the PIR. V2 PIR Sensors should be used with the cable in mode B and using one of the “full-press” video programs on the PIR.
  • Camtraptions Wireless Triggers can be used with the Sony Video Cable v2 to make video recordings in a manual remote camera setup.

In addition to these Camtraptions products, the Sony Video Cable v2 can be used with any standard wired shutter release with a Canon E3-type female socket.

The Sony Video Cable v2 can only be used to make video recordings. For stills images, the S2 Camera Connecting Cable is available.