Male to Female Waterproof 5m Cable
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  • £17.00

This 5m extension cable can be used to increase the distance on any branch of the Waterproof Cable System. It is designed to be used together with (not instead of) a Male to Male Waterproof 2m Cable or a Male to Male Waterproof Flash Cable, in cases where a long separation is required between devices in the camera trap.

Please see here for examples of how this cable can be used as part of a complete camera trap system.

What is the Waterproof Cable System?

The Camtraptions Waterproof Cable System offers a new way to set up and provide power to camera traps. The cables within this new system contain 5 cores: two high-current power wires and three signal wires. The system can therefore carry trigger signals between devices (such as from a camera to the flashes), as well as provide power to all of these devices from a single set of batteries, stored in an accessible central enclosure. Click here to find out more about the Waterproof Cable System and to see examples of how it can be used.