Jungle Mounts Tree Bracket
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  • £24.00

Commencing 24th May 2023, the Jungle Mounts Tree Bracket is supplied with a pull-tight 1m strap. The new strap provides a very secure grip, but is lighter and easier to use in the field. The Tree Bracket is also compatible with our 2m ratchet strap and 5m ratchet strap.

The Jungle Mounts Tree Bracket is a handy new addition to the Jungle Mounts range, allowing you to quickly and securely attach accessories such as flashes, camera trap sensors or trail cams directly onto trees.

When fastened in place using the supplied 1m strap, the Tree Bracket creates a very stable platform for mounting your equipment. The included Mighty Ball Head enables fine adjustments to the position and angle of your equipment.

Standardised hole spacings on the Tree Bracket allow for the creation of more complex mounts, when used together with other Jungle Mounts products.

Examples uses include:

What's Included?

  • One 1m strap
  • One tree bracket
  • One Mighty Ball Head
  • Not included: PIR motion sensor, flash, camera