Jungle Mounts Branch Bracket
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  • £28.00

This versatile new addition to the Jungle Mounts range is designed to attach equipment equally well onto either horizontal branches or vertical tree trunks. The supplied mini ball head can be screwed directly onto the Branch Bracket base, or onto the right-angle support.

The size of this bracket makes it ideally suited to mounting equipment such as camera trap sensors, trail cameras, flashes or solar panels.

The Branch Bracket has 14mm slits which can be used with reusable heavy-duty cable ties (not included), which are a quick, easy and strong method for attaching the bracket to a branch. The bracket also has wider 28mm slits compatible with Jungle Mounts pull-tight or ratchet straps.

40mm hole spacings enable Jungle Mounts tubes to be attached to the Branch Bracket base and right-angle support, meaning that equipment can be mounted offset or further away from the branch or tree trunk.

The Branch Bracket comes supplied with a 1m Jungle Mounts pull-tight strap.