Trail Camera Light Modules
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  • £13.00

These white-light modules can be used to produce sharp, colour trail camera images at night.

The Camtraptions Trail Camera can take night-time photographs in three ways:

  1. With the inbuilt infrared LED (resulting in black and white images)
  2. With one of these two external white-light modules (resulting in colour images)
  3. With off-camera speedlight flashes (for artistically-lit colour images)

Two external white-light modules are available: a Xenon flash module for still photographs and a white LED module for videos. The lighting modules connect to the camera via the socket on the bottom and require their own batteries (four AA batteries).

Xenon Trail Camera Flash Module

The Xenon flash gives a flash of white light with a very short duration which results in very sharp photographs, even if the subject is moving. However, it is not suitable for video recording.

The flash capacitor needs to be charged before a photographed can be taken which results in a trigger delay. The camera can be set up to keep the flash capacitor topped up at all times, reducing the trigger delay but also reducing the battery life.

If it is necessary to eliminate the trigger delay then a speedlight flash should be used instead.

White LED Trail Camera Module

The LED module works the same way as the inbuilt infrared LEDs in the trail camera but it produces white-light resulting in colour images. It can be used for both still photos and videos.