6V Ni-MH Rechargeable Flash Batteries
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  • £34.00

6V Ni-MH Rechargeable Flash Batteries are designed to provide power to Camtraptions Camera Trap Flashes.

The batteries are available in two capacities:

  1. 5Ah: Provides the Z2 Flash and F1 Flash with over 12 days of standby time, and the Z1 Flash with 7-9 days of standby time.
  2. 10Ah: Provides the Z2 Flash and F1 Flash with over 24 days of standby time, and the Z1 Flash with 14-18 days of standby time.

Flash Power Cable (purchased separately) is needed to connect between the battery and the flash. Alternatively, these batteries can power one or more flashes through the Waterproof Cable System, as demonstrated in these example setups.

It is also possible to connect these batteries to a Camtraptions Solar Panel via the Flash Power Cable for greatly extended or even indefinite life.

A Camtraptions Ni-MH Compact Charger should be purchased in order to charge these battery packs in-between deployments.

Each battery comes with a velcro anti-slip gel strap included to attach it to other equipment.


5Ah battery weight: 437g

10Ah battery weight: 823g

5Ah battery dimensions: 127mm (l) x 53mm (w) x 25mm (h)

10Ah battery dimensions: 162mm (l) x 63mm (w) x 32mm (h)

Voltage: 6V

Capacity: 5,000mAh or 10,000mAh

Battery chemistry: Ni-MH

Care Instructions

Ni-MH battery cells will naturally self-discharge when not in use and can become permanently damaged if over-discharged. This means you should charge up batteries before storing them for a prolonged period of time and top them up if the voltage of the pack drops below around 5V. Leaving batteries connected to equipment when not in use can also cause them to over-discharge and so batteries should be disconnected from all equipment before storage.

*A Camtraptions Ni-MH Compact Charger and Flash Power Cable must be purchased separately to use this product. These batteries are not compatible with other non-Camtraptions flashes.