Jungle Mounts Tree Pod
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  • £85.00

Introducing Jungle Mounts, a flexible, modular, strong and secure method of mounting equipment for long-term deployments.

The Camtraptions Jungle Mounts Tree Pod is a novel solution for securely mounting your camera trap equipment to a tree trunk or post. Steel gripping feet and extra-strong ratchet straps provide a rock-solid attachment to trees of almost any size – from slender birches to the largest oaks! The supplied pan-tilt head gives you control over the composition once the Tree Pod has been secured in place.

Key Features

  • The Tree Pod’s pivoting joints give you the flexibility to attach your equipment securely to posts and trees of varying sizes – from a minimum diameter of approximately 8cm (circumference 25cm) up to a diameter of 60cm with the included 2m straps or with a diameter of just over 1.5m using the 5m Ratchet Straps (sold separately).
  • The steel and aluminium construction makes the Tree Pod system as strong as possible while remaining lightweight.
  • Steel toothed gripping feet prevent the Tree Pod from slipping on the tree surface.
  • Standard hole positions along the length Tree Pod’s leg tubes allow Arm Extensions to be attached for mounting PIR Sensors, flashes or other accessories.
  • The fully modular design means that any part of the tripod can be replaced or extended.
  • Easily accommodates weights in excess of 15kg, plenty of capacity to support our Camera Housing and Metal Camera Housing Cage, particularly when paired with an additional Support Brace.
  • Tree Pods can be purchased with an optional Arca-Swiss style clamp and a 40mm square quick release plate (selected using the dropdown box above). The clamp is fully compatible with the Camtraptions Dual Quick Release Plate to achieve the strongest possible mounting of our Camera Housing. If the quick release clamp and plate is not purchased with the Tree Pod, then a camera, camera housing, or metal camera housing cage can instead be mounted directly on top of the Tree Pod using supplied screws.

 Dimensions and size guide:

  • 200mm Tree Pod: Dimensions when folded 257mm (l) x 66mm (w) x 133mm (h). Weight = 0.95kg. Suitable for mounting smaller accessories such as flashes or camera trap sensors on all tree sizes (down to a minimum 8cm trunk diameter)
  • 300mm Tree Pod: Dimensions when folded 347mm (l) x 66mm (w) x 133mm (h). Weight = 1.06kg. Suitable for mounting cameras and camera housings.
  • 400mm Tree Pod: Dimensions when folded 450mm (l) x 66mm (w) x 133mm (h). Weight = 1.19kg. Suitable for mounting cameras and camera housings on trees with a large trunk diameter.

What's Included?

  • Pre-assembled components for the standard Jungle Mounts Tree Pod configuration (including Pan-Tilt Head)
  • Hex key for adjusting the Tree Pod positions
  • 1/4 inch screws for mounting equipment directly on top of the Tree Pod without a quick release clamp
  • Two 2m ratchet straps
  • Optional: Arca-Swiss style aluminium quick release clamp and 40mm square quick release plate, with a standard ¼ inch screw
  • Not included: protective camera housing, flash


The Jungle Mounts Arm Extension Kit can be used to mount a PIR Sensor, flash or other accessory to the Tree Pod’s leg tubes

400mm Leg Extensions increase the length of the Tree Pod’s legs by up to 320mm

5m Ratchet Straps allow you to mount the Tree Pod to trees with a circumference of up to 5 metres.

A Support Brace provides additional mounting strength for a Tree Pod and Metal Camera Housing Cage combination.


The Camtraptions Jungle Mounts Tree Pod is suitable for mounting the Camtraptions Weather-sealed Housing and the Camtraptions Metal Camera Housing Cage.

You can also mount cameras, flashes, camera trap sensors and many other accessories directly onto the Jungle Mounts Tree Pod. 

If you have any questions about how the Jungle Mounts system can be configured or customised, then please get in touch.

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