Jungle Mounts Ground Spike
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  • £18.00

The Jungle Mounts Ground Spike offers a convenient solution for rapidly mounting accessories and small cameras. The Ground Spike mount is quick to deploy and perfect for situations where the terrain is uneven or the space is limited.

Simply push the spike into firm ground and secure your camera or accessory onto the mounting plate using the supplied tripod screw. A ball head (sold separately) may be added if necessary.

The ground spike is compatible with all other mounts so it can be incorporated into custom set-ups.

Examples uses include:

Key Features

  • The stainless steel spike offers excellent durability and corrosion-resistance
  • Compatibility with the Mighty Ball Head provides extra flexibility
  • The spike can be mounted in reverse and a silicone cap attached for safe transport
  • Weight = 0.26kg, Mounting height = 215mm

What's Included?

  • One 200mm tube
  • One stainless steel ground spike
  • One top mounting plate and tripod screw for mounting devices
  • One silicone safety cap
  • Not included: PIR motion sensor, camera, ball head