Aluminium Lens Tubes for Camera Housing
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25mm, 50mm and 75mm aluminium tubes are out of stock, however, these fixed lens tube sizes are covered by our new flexible Stacking Tube System, available for purchase with the Camera Housing.

Our camera housing features an interchangeable lens tube system. Lens tubes fit any lens with a diameter of 88.8mm or less. We currently offer aluminium lens tubes in four lengths: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm.

These fixed-length aluminium lens tubes are extremely strong and perfect for use in long-term camera traps where the length of the camera's lens is not being regularly changed.

To find the correct lens tube size, measure the distance from the front of your lens to the furthest forward part of the camera (usually the front of the wireless transmitter fitted to the camera’s hotshoe).

Pick a lens tube based on your measurement:
  • Stacking Tube System (included automatically when you purchase a camera housing) for lengths up to 140mm
  • Stacking Tube System (included automatically when you purchase a camera housing) + Tube Extension Kit for lengths up to 215mm
  • 100mm tube for lengths of 100mm to 125mm
  • 125mm tube for lengths of 125mm to 150mm
  • 150mm tube for lengths of 150mm to 175mm
  • 175mm tube for lengths of 175mm to 200mm

Click here for illustrated examples of the tube length measurement.

Note: the camera housing itself can be ordered here.