Radio Controlled Camera Trigger
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  • £25.00

The Camtraptions RC Camera Trigger is a remote shutter release that you can toggle via hobby radio control equipment. The RC Trigger can be used to send half-press and full-press commands to any camera that is compatible with one of our Camera Connecting Cables, including Canon, Nikon and Sony models. Using hobby remote control equipment it is possible to trigger a remote camera from over a kilometre away!

The RC Trigger plugs into a standard hobby radio control receiver and responds to PWM signals just like a normal servo. Depending on the selected channel, you can activate the trigger via your radio controller's sticks or with an auxiliary switch or slider. When a switch or stick is low, the RC Trigger sends no command to the camera, in the middle it sends a half-press command and when it is high it sends a full-press command.

The RC Trigger comes with a servo cable. You will need to purchase a Camera Connecting Cable separately.

Demo video

You can find out more about the Camtraptions Radio Controlled Camera Trigger by watching this video: