Infrared Flash Filters (Pack of 3)
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  • £20.00

A pack of three Infrared (IR) Flash Filters to convert a Camtraptions Camera Trap Flash (or any other regular speedlight flash) so that they only emit invisible infrared light. This is intended for occasions when you are photographing very sensitive wildlife, which could either get scared away by visible flashes or where the animal’s sensitive vision could be damaged by regular strobe lighting.

When one of these infrared filters is taped to the front of a normal speedlight strobe, all of the visible light will be filtered out, leaving only the infrared light to pass through and illuminate the scene. This means that sensitive animals will not be disturbed and their vision will not be affected.

Key features

  • The pack contains three filters for converting three speedlight flashes to infrared
  • Made of strong 2mm thick material
  • Transmission range: 800nm - 1100nm
  • Dimensions: 81mm (l) x 56mm (w) x 2mm (d)
  • The infrared light will not interfere with PIR motion sensors

Note: To photograph wildlife at night with infrared flash lighting, you must be using a modified digital camera which has had the UV/IR (hot mirror) filter removed. There are many companies which you can find online that specialise in these low-cost infrared conversions.