Multi Cable for Sony Cameras
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The Camtraptions Multi Cable for Sony Cameras features an integrated controller for triggering video recordings and still photographs with Sony Interchangeable Lens Cameras that have the Multi-type connector, including the A9, A7 and A6000 series. It has been designed to work seamlessly with the Camtraptions PIR Sensor, Camtraptions Wireless Triggers and standard wired shutter releases.

Key features

The controller has been designed to be highly portable and lightweight, whilst still offering unique functionality through the six custom modes:

Mode 1: The camera will commence a 15 second recording after a full shutter press signal. Any subsequent signals during this recording time (either from a manual shutter press or a signal from a camera trap) will extend the recording period by 15 seconds.

Mode 2: A full shutter press signal will commence video recording. The camera will continue to record whilst the shutter remains pressed, and it will end once the shutter button is released.

Mode 3: Video recording begins on the first full press of the shutter and it will continue even after the shutter button is released. The video recording is subsequently ended on a second full press of the shutter button.

Mode 4: Recording will commence after a single full press of the shutter button and continue for 60 seconds.

Mode 5: This is similar to mode 3. Video recording will commence after a half press signal and it will end after a second half press.

Mode 6: This is a regular shutter release mode for still and timelapse photography. A half press is used to focus the camera and a full press will take a photo. This mode also has a built-in a bulb feature: if full press is held for more than 4 seconds and then released, the device will keep sending the full press to the camera until a second full press is made and released.

When the controller is operating under modes 1 and 4, it will automatically send an auto-power-off command to the camera at the end of the recording period. This will place the camera onto standby in order to conserve battery life. In other modes, the camera can be programmed to auto-power-off after a set period of time.

The controller will automatically wake the camera from standby in all 6 modes.

We will also be shipping the Multi Cable with a free 1m cable to increase the distance between your camera and the wireless receiver/PIR sensor.

Please note, you will need a Camtraptions Wireless Trigger or third-party Canon E3-type wired shutter release to change the operating mode of the cable.

Product compatibility

The Multi Cable for Sony Cameras is fully compatible with the following Camtraptions products:

  • The Camtraptions PIR Sensor is configured to work with all of the above modes of operation. Furthermore, the PIR sensor can be used to set a range of filming periods beyond the standard 15 second and 60 second periods offered by the Multi Cable.
  • Camtraptions Wireless Triggers bring wireless capability to the Multi Cable and are compatible with all six of the above operation modes.

In addition to these Camtraptions products, the Multi Cable can be used with any standard wired shutter release with the Canon E3-type connector.

You can learn more about our Multi Cable for Sony Cameras by watching the video on this page.