Cable for Panasonic Cameras
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The Camtraptions Panasonic Cable and included adapter make it possible for photographers and film-makers to use the Panasonic GH3, GH4, GH5 and GH5s cameras in a stills or video camera trap. The system has been designed to work seamlessly with the Camtraptions PIR Sensor, Camtraptions Wireless Triggers and standard wired shutter releases.

The cable comes in two types which can be chosen using the dropdown box, one compatible with the GH3 and GH4 and one compatible with the GH5 and GH5S.

Panasonic cameras are a very popular choice for film-makers due to the high-quality 4k footage that they can record, but in the past they have been difficult to use in a camera trap because they cannot be woken up from sleep mode via the shutter release port. You can read more about the issue here.

The Camtraptions Panasonic Cable and included adapter solves this problem, by accessing the camera controls directly via the battery grip contacts. This means it is possible for remote triggers to wake up a sleeping camera and to take a photo or record video.

Thus, with the Camtraptions Panasonic Cable, photographers and film-makers can finally make power-efficient 4k camera traps with Panasonic GH3, GH4, GH5 and GH5s cameras!

Key features

The Camtraptions Panasonic Cable has been designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, weighing just 41 grams. The high-quality coiled cable stretches to approximately 0.5m in length. Extension cables are available here.

The cable includes an adapter which attaches to the bottom of your camera and sends signals through the battery grip contacts. The adapter can be secured in place using a standard tripod quick release plate or screw (sold separately).

This cable solves the sleep/wake issue associated with Panasonic cameras in a camera trap set-up. You can find out more about this here.

Product Compatibility

The Camtraptions Panasonic Cable is compatible with the following Panasonic cameras: GH3, GH4, GH5, GH5s.

The cable is fully compatible with the v3 Camtraptions PIR Sensor and v2 Camtraptions PIR Sensor for both 4k video recording and stills photography (with or without off-camera flash).

The cable can also be used to trigger Panasonic cameras manually using Camtraptions Wireless Triggers or standard wired shutter releases via an E3 type connection.

The Camtraptions Panasonic Cable cannot be used in conjunction with a battery grip.

Quick release plate not included.