The Black Leopard Book
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This inspiring book tells the story of a photographer's journey to find the mysterious black leopard in Africa.

There are few creatures as beautiful and elusive as the black leopard. In Africa, these magnificent cats are so rare as to be the stuff of legend. Will Burrard-Lucas's love for leopards began during his childhood in Tanzania and propelled him into a career as a wildlife photographer. In his quest to create intimate portraits of animals, he developed innovative technology, including BeetleCam and high-quality camera traps, which later became the Camtraptions system.

Then, one day in 2018, he heard about sightings of a young African black leopard in Kenya and with the help of people from the local community, he succeeded in capturing a series of camera trap photographs of the elusive cat.

This compelling and visually stunning book is a blend of photography book, personal memoir and adventure story. For the first time, this book also tells the story of how Camtraptions came to be founded. Over 100 photographs are printed throughout, including awe-inspiring images of lions and elephants, and never-before-seen photos of the black leopard itself.

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