Off-camera TTL Cable Splitter Kit
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  • £29.95

Please note: We generally recommend using wireless triggers for camera trap flashes as they are much easier to set up, compatible with both Canon and Nikon systems and have proven to be extremely reliable.

This Off-camera TTL Cable Splitter Kit consists of a Splitter Hub which sits in your camera's hot-shoe. The Splitter Hub has 3 output sockets, allowing you to attach up to three flashes.

Flashes are connected to the Hub using standard network cables. These cables are low-cost and can be very long! An adapter is required for each flash unit in order to connect the cable to the hot-shoe. Additional Flash Adapters can be purchased here. 10m connecting cables can be found here.

The hub relays "wake" and "fire" commands to every flash connected to it. There is a switch to select which flash TTL signals are relayed to. This means you can change the zoom or output intensity of each flash individually.

This kit contains:

  • 1x Splitter Hub
  • 1x Flash Adapter
  • 1x 2m Cable

Additional Flash Adapters can be purchased here. 10m cables can be found here.

Kits are available for both Canon and Nikon systems. However, it is not possible to use Nikon flashes with a Canon camera. If you need to do this then we recommend using our wireless triggers.

Please note: VAT will be added to UK and EU orders.

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