In-field Backup Device
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The Xfer Max is a standalone portable backup device that allows you to back up memory cards without a laptop. The main target for this device is photographers who want to travel light but we have also found it very useful for copying images from camera traps whilst in the field.

The device has a screen and a simple user interface which provides all of the options you might need for backing up and organising your images.

The device is not sold with a hard drive included. Instead, you can insert your own 2.5 inch ssd or mechanical hard drive. This means you can easily upgrade the storage in your device, or swap out drives and use the device to back up images to several different drives. Bare SSD drives are significantly cheaper than portable ssd hard drives that come with an enclosure, which helps offset the cost of the Backup Device itself.

The device can be configured with a selection of three different card readers, including CF, CFast 2.0, XQD and SDXC UHS-II. CFast and XQD often require you to carry a specific card reader dongle so this device can also reduce the number of card readers you need to carry.

The device is powered by two standard 18650 cells. These are not included due to shipping restrictions but are easily purchased online. With fully charged batteries, it is possible to fill up a 1TB SSD without needing to recharge it. The device is charged via a regular micro usb socket.

Transfer speeds from card to the internal drive are very fast; up to 140MB/s when using an SSD.

When you back up a card, you have the choice of a full back up or an incremental backup. Incremental backup will only copy images taken since the last time you backed up the card. This is a quick way to ensure you always have a copy of your images in two places. You can also connect a regular external drive to the device and have it back up to the external drive at the same time as the internal drive if you want to make an additional copy (this requires you to use an external power supply as the device cannot power the second drive using battery power alone).

In order to access your files on a computer, you connect to the device with a usb 3.0 cable and use it just as you would any regular external hard drive.

There are three versions of the device, each with different card slot configurations:

XferMax X8-C: SDXC/CFast/CF

See the Xfer Max in action in this behind the scenes video on YouTube.

Not included:

2.5″ SATA Interface Hard Drive
- Supports Mechanical Hard Disk up to 2TB (7.5mm/9.5mm height)
- Supports Solid State Disk up to 4 TB

Recommend drives:
- US: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
- UK: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB

Not included:

2 x 18650 (3400mAh 3.7V NCR18650B) Rechargeable Batteries

Recommend batteries:
- US / UK