Solar Flash Value Bundle
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  • £590.00

The Solar Flash Value Bundle contains everything you need to create the ultimate solar-powered camera trap flash system, capable of operating without battery changes for an unlimited* period.

With five free Wireless Receivers included as well as a free pack of Flash Rain Covers, this bundle represents unbeatable value for money by saving you over £90.00! Note that this special offer is running for a limited time and only while stocks last.

The Solar Flash Value Bundle is available with your choice of five 1W Solar Panels or five 3W Solar Panels. Simply select the appropriate panel for your camera trap using the dropdown box. The 3W panel is the recommended size for locations with weaker sun or less consistent sunny weather and the 1W panel is recommended for areas with more intense and consistent sun, such as in the tropics.

What's Included

The Camtraptions Solar Flash Value Bundle comes with the following products:

  • 5x F1 Camera Trap Flashes. With improved power-efficiency and standby times, the F1 Camera Trap Flash is perfect for use in a solar-powered setup.
  • 5x Solar Panels for Flashes. The bundle includes your choice of either five 1W or five 3W panels, for drastically increasing the overall battery life of your camera trap flash system.
  • 5x Solar Adapter Cables. This cable allows you to create a simple and elegant flash system with game-changing solar recharging capabilities.
  • 5x Free Wireless Flash Receivers. The bundle includes five Camtraptions Wireless Receivers, the most popular wireless flash trigger among camera trap photographers worldwide.
  • 1x Free 5-pack of Rain Covers for Flashes. These simple but effective clear plastic rain covers can be secured around the flashes using the built-in drawstrings.

The Solar Flash Value Bundle helps you to create a compact solar-powered flash system that is best suited to areas with fairly consistent sunny weather. For areas with less consistent sun, it may be better to use our solar panels with an external battery system. More information about the alternative external battery setup can be found here.

The bundle does not include a Wireless Transmitter for firing the flashes, so if you do not own one already then it should be added to your cart separately from this page.

The bundle also does not include the four rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries that go inside each flash. When choosing Ni-MH rechargeable batteries for use with solar panels, we recommend selecting ones that are rated for a higher number of recharge cycles rather than those with the largest overall capacity.

For additional usage advice, please contact us.

Product Compatibility

  • Some entry-level Canon DSLRs feature a non-standard flash hot shoe mount and are therefore incompatible with the Wireless Triggers and Camera Trap Flash in this bundle.
  • The Camtraptions Solar Panels must only be used to recharge Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) Rechargeable Batteries.

*with sufficient sunlight, and limited only by the lifetime and number of charge cycles of the Ni-MH cells.